Travel • Phuket June2016 (Part 1-Day 1)

Resort vacation always get the votes of the man & 2 boys in da house!
Well, maybe Mini K is still too young to vote so he just follows where ever we go 😄
This June school holidays we jet off to Phuket for a 6-nights vacation in 2 resorts.
1st resort,  Novotel Karon ~

It's about 1hr 20mins from the airport. And was raining heavily on our way there.
Check-in was a breeze & our room was ready despite arriving at 11am.
We booked the family room & it's quite a big room with a balcony overlooking the jacuzzi garden pool, a King size bed & a bunk bed for the kids, furnished with many stuffed toys & a play tent. And a daily 500Baht f&b credit (s$19).

The only grose Lil K had was, why were everything in PINK 💕??? 😅😅😅
He quickly got over that when he saw a note placed on the bunk bed.
No time to ponder over those girly stuffs! Time to hunt for treasure! 📜🔓✨
That's enough to keep him jolly! 😅
We headed to the pool after a quick unpacking while the kids self entertain themselves.
It was still raining, so we ordered lunch at Joe Kool which is by the main pool.

Pretty yummy! Lil K liked the fried rice, maybe hungry?
We check out the kids pool after lunch, still drizzling but light enough for the kids to play in the rain.

A water slide! *excited!* Water slides always go well with Lil K!
But first attempt he couldn't slide down smoothly. Not even on 2nd attempt.
How strange! There weren't any lifeguards around so we were left clueless.
Then....he noticed the blue foam mats tucked neatly at the corner! Took one, slide down & got all addicted!

😅😅😅😅 Swoshhhhh! Very fast slide so the very young ones will really require parental supervision!

As the weather clear up to a sunny sky & it was only 2pm, Papa suggested to recce the area as it looked rather remote from the hotel entrance 😝
We walked across to the beach, 🌊☀️ high tide & super sunny!
Was contemplating to let Lil K try para-sailing but later decided not to. Safety first.
So, we continued walking under the scotching hot sun & reached what looks like a town.
Karon town. About 20mins walk from Novotel Karon.
Lined with many shops selling your resort vacation needs/wants from beach toys to beach wears, many eateries & seafood restaurants, many vendors peddling snacks.

"Fried Ice Cream" signboard caught our eyes. Many flavours to choose from, we settled for coconut.
Not bad, with real coconut flesh & unlimited toppings! We only allowed Lil K to have rainbow rice sprinkles thou 😃😃
He's quite an Ice Cream Monster! 🍦🍦🍦
We went back to the resort for another few rounds of water slides then back to the room to freshen up before dinner.
Mama wanted seafood dinner, so we headed back to Karon Town. By cab! No energy to walk half an hour with the kids! Cab fare 1-way,less than 5mins, 200Baht (s$7.60). Whoever said taxi rides are expensive in SG. 200Baht is the starting fare in Phuket! Settled for Karon Seafood Restaurant at the hotel staff's recommendation.
Pineapple Fried Rice

Steamed seabass with lemon & garlic

Grilled jumbo prawns

Tom Yum Goong

Crispy Calamari

A nice delicious spread
But a walk further down the road, we realised we were overcharged. 1800+Baht (s$70-$80), a case of Seafood meets Tourists 😑 Oh, Nevermind! Happy dinner anyway!
We promised the kids a after-dinner dessert
Banana Nutella Pancake
And Lil K requested for a Tuk Tuk ride 🚜 , we intended to take a cab back anyway.
Price checked 200Baht, same as cab/taxi but w/o aircon 🤔
3mins windy ride to reach the hotel.
Happy kids = Happy parents 😄
We ended Day 1 on happy notes. Looking forward to Day 2!


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