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Travel • Sea Life Park (Tokyo Nov 2016)

We took the red-eye flight & arrived at Narita International Airport approx 7:30am. Took the Airport Limousine bus to Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay and as expected, the room would only be available after 3pm.

So, 2 sleep deprived parents,with 2 boys who were equally sleep deprived but still ever energetic,had to endure about 4hrs of waiting time. Sure, we could have gone shopping nearby but it's not my style to do retail therapy & bored my boys to sleep. Always remember, bored + tired kids = uncooperative kids! Luckily mama already had it planned! Tokyo Sea Life Park would be perfect! Just 1 station away from Maihama & good enough for a 2hrs visit, best part was the kids enter free! So even if it wasn't impressive enough, the pinch would be lighter too! But hang on, it was a really good & beautiful aquarium! Totally worth paying ¥700/adult!
Look for the ferris wheel and this bridge after exiting the train station, it's an 8mins walk with quite a scenic view. The husb…

Recipe • Seaweed Chicken

There are some mornings whereby I'll prepare & fry up "home made frozen food" while both the boys are in school. These are commonly known as 常備菜 & are my time saver! I can easily reheat in the oven/airfryer for school lunchbox or after-school lunch or as add-ons to dinner side dish!

I'm sharing the recipe for Seaweed Chicken which is Lil K's top favorite!
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Ingredients (Yields 18-20pcs) 1 Chicken Breast (Boneless,Skinless) Nori sheet (Sushi seaweed)
Seasoning: 1tsp Sugar 4tsp Light Soy Sauce 1.5TBS Mirin 1TBS Sake 1TBS Cornflour
Method: •Wash & dab dry chicken breast. •Cut chicken breast into strips of 2cm by 4cm. •Marinate chicken with seasoning, set aside for about 45mins. (Or leave in fridge for a few hours) •Cut nori sheet…

Recipe • Morinaga Butter Cookies (Easy!)

I don't bake often enough to say I'm an experience home baker. To me, baking cookie is so much easier compared to baking cakes. On days when I need a quick & easy cookie recipe, this never fails me! And's so easy & straight forward, the whole process takes less than an hour!
Morinaga Butter Cookies Yields 24 cookies (using diameter 4cm round cookie cutter)
Ingredients: 150gm (1pkt) Morinaga Hotcake Mix 50gm Unsalted Butter 40gm Sugar 1 Egg Yolk 10ml Milk
Xmas Deco (Optional): 3-4TBS Icing Sugar 10ml Water Hundreds & Thousands (colourful beads) Melted White Chocolate Light Blue food colouring Piping bag
Method: •Cream soften butter & sugar till pale and incoporated. •Mix in egg yolk.

•Pour in Morinaga hotcake mix in 2 batches & mix well. The mixture will be crumbly. •Add in milk & mix well to a dough.

•Wrap & flatten the dough with cling wrap. Leave in fridge for at least 30mins or till harden. •Remove dough from fridge & Preheat ove…

Recipe • Old Fashion Crispy Pork Chop

There's an economic rice stall (经济杂菜饭) in our neighbourhood that serves  "Bak Par" the way we love! "Bak Par" is 肉扒 (pork chop) in dialect. As it's from economic rice stall, it's simple marinated aka no-frills!
I tried to replicate the taste of this 古早味肉扒 and while this may not be exactly the same, it has become one of our favorites! 😋

Old Fashion Crispy Pork Chop
Ingredients: 200gm Pork Loin (slice into 5pcs)
Seasoning: 3/4tsp Sugar 1/2tsp Five Spice Powder Dashes of Black Pepper Dashes of Garlic Powder 3/4TBS Light Soy Sauce 2TBS Huadiao Wine 2tsp Cornflour
Fry Mix: Cornflour (amount as required) 1 Egg,beaten Panko/Breadcrumbs (amount as required)
Method: •Wash & dab dry pork loin. Slice into 5 pcs.
•Use the back of a knife to hit each slice of pork, to tenderize it. Each slice should be around 0.5cm thick.
•Mix in all seasoning, then add cornflour last & mix well again. Cover & leave in fridge for about 6hrs.

•Remove marinated pork loin from…