Recipe • Old Fashion Crispy Pork Chop

There's an economic rice stall (经济杂菜饭) in our neighbourhood that serves 
"Bak Par" the way we love! "Bak Par" is 肉扒 (pork chop) in dialect. As it's from economic rice stall, it's simple marinated aka no-frills!

I tried to replicate the taste of this 古早味肉扒 and while this may not be exactly the same, it has become one of our favorites! 😋

Old Fashion Crispy Pork Chop

200gm Pork Loin (slice into 5pcs)

3/4tsp Sugar
1/2tsp Five Spice Powder
Dashes of Black Pepper
Dashes of Garlic Powder
3/4TBS Light Soy Sauce
2TBS Huadiao Wine
2tsp Cornflour

Fry Mix:
Cornflour (amount as required)
1 Egg,beaten
Panko/Breadcrumbs (amount as required)

•Wash & dab dry pork loin. Slice into 5 pcs.

•Use the back of a knife to hit each slice of pork, to tenderize it. Each slice should be around 0.5cm thick.

•Mix in all seasoning, then add cornflour last & mix well again. Cover & leave in fridge for about 6hrs.

•Remove marinated pork loin from fridge about 30mins before cooking.
•Prepare fry mix in 3 separate dish/plates.
•Coat each slice of pork with cornflour, followed by beaten egg and lastly a thin layer of panko. 

•Heat some oil & shallow fry pork loin till golden brown.


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