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Travel • Shiro-Hige Cream Puff Shop (Dec 2017)

This is a quick post of our visit to Shiro-hige Cream Puff Shop last December, which is also known as Totoro Cream Puff shop.
While we were not the biggest fan of this character from Studio Ghibli's animation, we still put it in our itinerary simply because "we were already in Tokyo and we missed it on our previous Tokyo trip!" (*_*) FOMO? Whatever. Anyway I booked us a visit to Suntory Brewery (⬅Click to read more) that afternoon, since the route was pretty straight forward from the cream puff shop, I decided to put these two on the same day.

It was well worth a trip to this tiny bakery, unlike some character cafes which served gimmicky food, these cream puffs were big and delicious!

It was Christmas season and there were limited edition cookies like this one...
Which according to Lil K, was really nice! He went back in to buy another pack and finished all on the spot!
We walked back to the station after getting our cream puffs and I highly recommend having lunch at th…

Travel • Suntory Musashino Brewery Tour (Dec 2017)

We went to Suntory Musashino Brewery on Day 7 of our Tokyo vacation, after getting cream puffs at Shiro-Hige. This route was quite straight forward so I recommend putting them on the same day.
The tour at Suntory's beer factory is free of charge! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

Reservation is strongly recommended to avoid a wasted trip. Booking is available through their website in Japanese language, do get ready an online translator app if you are not proficient in the language. (I'll update the booking procedures soon.) Otherwise phone reservation is available too, in English. Link is at the end of the post.
It'll take approximately 35 minutes by train if you are going to this brewery from the cream puff shop. Do note there are 2 possible routes available on , opt for the route via Meidaimae.
Although it required 2 transfers, it was still faster and cheaper compared to the other route via Shinjuku. Pass the overhead bridge at Bubaigawara station and hop on the free shuttle bus.

Tutorial • Ham and Cream Cheese Pocket French Toast

Snack your way with The Laughing Cow Cheeses!
This "Ham & Cream Cheese Pocket French Toast" is an easy recipe and can be done quickly.
It still taste good after cooled to room temperature, thanks to the creamy cheese spread that doesn't harden within!
I'll be packing these for the kids' snack box!

(Makes 1)
2 slices of bread
1 portion of The Laughing Cow Cheese (Note 1)
Ham (cut out using a round cutter OR simply cut to small squares)
1 Egg, beaten and add 1/2 tsp Sugar
20ml Fresh Milk
1 knob of Butter plus some oil to grease pan

Optional Tools:
Round shaper cutter OR a round container
Melted Chocolate & Cheese (for Winnie the Pooh's features)

•Using a round cutter or similar round container/bowl, press on the bread to cut out circles. This step is for making pocket sandwich, skip this step if you are making regular french toast sandwich.
•Spread a thick layer of The Laughing Cow Cheese onto the bread. Sandwich ham in between the br…