Tutorial • Ham and Cream Cheese Pocket French Toast

Snack your way with The Laughing Cow Cheeses!
This "Ham & Cream Cheese Pocket French Toast" is an easy recipe and can be done quickly.
It still taste good after cooled to room temperature, thanks to the creamy cheese spread that doesn't harden within!
I'll be packing these for the kids' snack box!

(Makes 1)
2 slices of bread
1 portion of The Laughing Cow Cheese (Note 1)
Ham (cut out using a round cutter OR simply cut to small squares)
1 Egg, beaten and add 1/2 tsp Sugar
20ml Fresh Milk
1 knob of Butter plus some oil to grease pan

Optional Tools:
Round shaper cutter OR a round container
Melted Chocolate & Cheese (for Winnie the Pooh's features)

•Using a round cutter or similar round container/bowl, press on the bread to cut out circles. This step is for making pocket sandwich, skip this step if you are making regular french toast sandwich.
•Spread a thick layer of The Laughing Cow Cheese onto the bread. Sandwich ham in between the bread, press around the circumference lightly to seal up the bread.
•Crack an egg, add in 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and 20ml of fresh milk. Beat to mix well.
•Dip pocket sandwich in the egg mixture, make sure it is well coated.
•Grease a frying pan, add a small knob of butter. Pan fry sandwich till both sides are lightly brown or longer for crispier texture.
•Dish up and place on oil absorption paper.
•Pocket french toast is ready to be packed in snack box!

~Optional Step~
Using the remaining ham, cut out a strip as Winnie the Pooh's clothing.
Fill piping bag with melted chocolate to draw its facial features.
Cut 4 small cheese circles for its ears and hands.

1) For this Singapore Home Cooks collaboration, I am using The Laughing Cow "Light" Cheese that comes in 8 portions and has 45% less fat than regular ones.


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