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Travel • Yokohama Zoorasia (Dec 2017)

Besides visiting the attractions in Tokyo, I like to make day-trips to Yokohama. After all, the train journey to Yokohama station is less than 45 minutes from Shinjuku.
We visited Yokohama Zoorasia last December. This zoo opened in 1999 and is one of the biggest zoo in Japan. The entrance ticket to the zoo is unbelievably cheap at only 800Yen per adult and 200Yen for children above 7 years old! The journey to Zoorasia may not be very straight forward but it wasn't difficult to figure out too.

We took the train to Yokohama station, walked to South exit for Sotetsu Line (walk through the shopping lane where Takashimaya is), take the train to Tsurugamine station. After exiting the gantry at Tsurugamine station, there'll be a Zoorasia signboard. Follow the directions to the bus station for a 15 minutes bus ride. It costs 220Yen/adult and 110Yen/child for a single trip.

Besides the layout of spacious ground where the animals can roam freely within their enclosure, there were also 3…