Travel • Ninja Trick House (Tokyo Dec 2016)

I chanced upon Ninja Trick House on Tripadvisor and was pretty impressed by the many positive reviews it received. The hubb read about them on some travel forums too. So I noted it down as a "Shinjuku To-Go".
We were at Shinjuku on the 6th day of our Tokyo vacation and decided to check out Ninja Trick House after lunch. There is this small signboard of Ninja Trick House outside its building.

There wasn't any elevator so we walked up the narrow stairs to the 4th floor, yep...together with a 7.5kg stroller plus 2 helium-filled balloons courtesy of Takashimaya plus our shopping bags. Luckily there is always the Ks' daddy to do the carrying! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
We registered with the friendly lady staff. It costed 1000¥/person (above age of 3) and it's approximately 25mins/session. We had a short waiting time of less than 20mins, while another fellow Singaporean family who arrived minutes after us had to wait for the duration of 2 sessions. I made use of the waiting time to snap some photos. The place itself was pretty small and cramp.

Ninja Jr & Ninja Apprentice :D

There were Ninja theme souvenirs for sale but do note the Custom & Immigration restrictions in your country when buying the Ninja stars. It might not be allowed into some countries.

At the beginning of our session, we were shown some video clips about Ninja and then the real action began! We were with another 6 Japanese participants and the Ninja expert who briefed us through the session spoke in both Japanese and basic English, well enough for us to understand. He was witty yet professional. Even though Mini K was 33mo and joined without a fee, he wasn't neglected and had an equal share of fun! The entire session was conducted in a fun and engaging manner, with some hands-on and photo takings in between. As Lil K and Mini K were the only kids in the group, they were both given more attention and chance to participate. So this Ninja experience is much targeted at family with young children though adults will have their share of participation too!

The last segment was throwing Ninja stars, we each got a small basket of 6-8 metal darts (I couldn't recall the actual number because I got distracted by Mini K during this time).

Mini K was given plastic Ninja stars instead, for safety reasons. And wow, he managed to throw 1 star right into the target! #DontPlayPlay
Every participant were given a small souvenir at the end. I shall not disclose the content.

Overall, it was a 30 minutes well-spent!
If you're intending on spending the day at Shinjuku and need some activity for your kids in between shopping, do consider Ninja Trick House!
It's not difficult to locate them simply because we used GPS on our mobile phone, just type in "Ninja Trick House" and we started the walk somewhere near Bic Camera X Uniqlo. It took us about 12mins through some small alleys. If you're not able to access GPS, here's a map to guide you.

And you get to see the fame Godzilla atop the Gracery Hotel which was nearby too!

Ninja Trick House
Website: In English


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