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I noticed my blog posts are mostly recipes now and blogging of our family travels seem to have drew to a halt. I have quite a bit of travel updates but honestly, it's a lot more time consuming to draft a travel post than a recipe post!
I shall kick start with the most recent, that's UK Agro Resort, we visited during the school holiday week of September 2017.
This farm is situated in Kluang (Batu Pahat), Malaysia. Our initial plan was to make it a day trip which is really possible as the guided tour can be completed under 3 hours. However, we decided to make it a short getaway by driving to Kuala Lumpur after the farm visit. So if you also have the same intention to do a day trip, it will  be good to set off early.

We cleared Malaysia check point (2nd Link) at about 7:30am and reach UK Agro Resort at 9:40am. This was with the fact that we were led to a different place by our GPS! Don't repeat our mistake. If you are using the GPS, key in "UK Agro Resort" and NOT "UK Farm"!
The husband entered the latter and we arrived at a piece of undeveloped land at Yong Peng. :O
You should exit Air Hitam (Ayer Hitam) & drive towards Kluang. Therefore, with smooth traffic and no detour, the drive should be about 1hour 30mins.
However, be prepared for a rough gravel road at the last 5km leading to the resort.
Around 5km of gravel road before reaching the resort
The first guided tour starts at 10:30am, I believe the frequency of the tour will depend on the number of visitors as on the Sunday we went, there was another guided tour at 11am.
We took the mini bus tour instead of the horse carriage.
Each paying visitor was entitled to 4 packets of corn-oat feed for the animal feeding, 1 packet of grass to feed the goats and 1 voucher to redeem for a bottle of milk to feed the kid (Ok. Not your kid, alright! I meant baby goat!).

The tour included 8-9 guided itineraries and 2 Free-and-Easy segments (Mini Zoo and Lavender Garden), which you can visit before or after the guided tour at your free time.
Since we had about 30mins before tour commence, we went to Mini Zoo and Lavender Garden. Surely we can't walk past the "Wishing Goat" without taking a photo,right? We didn't make a wish though. There weren't many lavender blooming, not that the kids noticed. Lil K didn't even realize we walked past the garden and when he read about it on the brochure later on, he asked why we did not go to view lavender *.*|||

They simply hurried to where the animals were, feeding (and petting) were their top priority on this trip!

Reminder, DO NOT use up all the corn-oat feed at Mini Zoo! You'll need these during the guided tour, so do keep a few packs for later.

We hopped on the bus and our first stop was to view the machines that process the animals' feed and grass. However not much information were given by our tour guide, he simply pointed to the 2 machines and hurried us to the next section which was goat feeding, much to the delight of the Ks!

We spent about 15mins feeding grass to the goats, really nice experience for city dwellers like us! Right beside the goats were the kids, you do know that I'm referring to baby goats and not the little humans. :D Redeem a bottle of milk using the voucher and start feeding the eager kids! They drank real fast, so fast that I wished the farm could provide 2 bottles per visitor instead.

Awww~~ <3 <3
There were also a few baby goats available for free hugs and photography.
The nursery rhymes "Mary had a little lamb" just come to my mind when I see this kid! ^,^
After that we walked over to "Goat Milk Processing" department, they demonstrated the milking process and followed by some resting time before the next itinerary.

Using this free time to browse their goat milk products available for sale, sampling of goat's milk which wasn't as gamey as I thought. There were also ice creams made from goat's milk.
Next, the bus brought us to feed chickens and ducks.
Read the information about the animals if you would like to know more, they were pinned on their respective cages as the tour guide did not seem to enjoy talking much (this is purely my experience, it may not apply to all their guides!).

The last zone for feeding was Rabbit Park, this is where you can use up all the packets of corn-oat to feed the ostriches (if you do not intend to return to Mini Zoo after the guided tour). Rabbit pellets were available for purchase separately.

Then we went to Jakun Village for a quick performance by their performing crew and we came to the end of the guided tour.

We had a quick lunch before leaving the farm, en-route to Kuala Lumpur.
There is a main restaurant next to the reception. It was mainly mutton dishes and herbal chicken on their menu. We ordered the herbal chicken for the Ks and it was really tasty!

Conclusion: We recommend UK Agro Resort as a short itinerary if you are around the vicinity or wish to slot in with some programs in between a road-trip from Singapore to Melaka/KL or perhaps during a staycation at Legoland area. Otherwise, do consider a stay-over at the farm for a night or two to fully experience the programmes they offer. Check their website for more information. Drive safe and have a fun!

UK Agro Resort


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