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Travel • Ninja Trick House (Tokyo Dec 2016)

I chanced upon Ninja Trick House on Tripadvisor and was pretty impressed by the many positive reviews it received. The hubb read about them on some travel forums too. So I noted it down as a "Shinjuku To-Go". We were at Shinjuku on the 6th day of our Tokyo vacation and decided to check out Ninja Trick House after lunch. There is this small signboard of Ninja Trick House outside its building.
There wasn't any elevator so we walked up the narrow stairs to the 4th floor, yep...together with a 7.5kg stroller plus 2 helium-filled balloons courtesy of Takashimaya plus our shopping bags. Luckily there is always the Ks' daddy to do the carrying! 😃😃 We registered with the friendly lady staff. It costed 1000¥/person (above age of 3) and it's approximately 25mins/session. We had a short waiting time of less than 20mins, while another fellow Singaporean family who arrived minutes after us had to wait for the duration of 2 sessions. I made use of the waiting time to snap so…

Travel • Mother Farm (Tokyo Nov 2016)

This could easily be the highlight of our Tokyo trip for Mini K. He loves farm animals more than the Disneyland rides! He had been looking forward to 'A Day at the Farm' just like his favourite book~
and he kept telling me that he wants to hug the pigs, the monkeys, the sheeps, the birds... Lol!
So with some prior planning, we were off to Mother Farm on our 3rd day in Tokyo. There's a slight discount if you buy the entrance tickets in advance, 1350¥/Adult instead of the usual 1500¥. We bought ours at Mini Stop konbini (convenient store) at Narita Airport, please request for their staff's assistance.

Mother Farm is located in Chiba prefecture. Technically speaking, it would be nearer (with lesser transfer & cheaper) to go from Disney Resort than the apartment we stayed later on which was at Hatagaya (near Shinjuku). The farm's opening hours are quite short so we'll need to be there early enough to enjoy the shows etc. By going from Disney Resort side, we need n…