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Recipe • Airfried Crispy Crabstick Strips

Ohhhhh these are the legendary irresistable crispy crabstick snack that got many homecooks making them at home!!! It's my first time making these and in fact, also the first time tasting them! I've never tried those that were sold outside and of course, not willing to spend 10 over bucks on them! #CalculativeModeOn

There are many recipes and methods circulating online. Some used deep-fried method, oven baked and air-fried method. I decided to use the latter! And because of the many different methods going around on how to achieve a nice golden crisp for this inexpensive snack, I really don't know how and who to credit. So if you happen to read and think this is your original recipe, do drop me an email. I'll be happy to credit you. Thanks :)  Ok, here's how I did my Air-fried Crispy Crabstick Strips!

Ingredients: 1 pkt of Crabsticks 2TBS Oil Method: •Thaw crabsticks and unroll them, then tear into strips about 0.5-1cm wide. •After all the crabsticks are teared, use ki…

Recipe • Honey Cornflakes

I've been wanting to make some home made snacks for CNY (Chinese New Year).
With limited time in the mornings while the boys are in school, pineapple tarts and kueh bangkit are certainly not on my to-do list. And the snack I make must be something my boys will eat, otherwise it defeats the purpose! So.... Honey Cornflakes it shall be! It's really easy and took me less than 30mins!

Makes about 40 pieces (3.5cm cupcake case)
Ingredients: 150gm Plain Cornflakes 50gm Unsalted Butter 2TBS Honey Sufficient amount of Hundreds & Thousands (to sprinkle)
Method: •Gently crush up the cornflakes and pour into a mixing bowl. •Lay cupcake casings on baking tray. •Melt butter and honey over low fire, till it turns frothy. •Pour the hot mixture into cornflakes and mix well. •Scoop the cornflake mix into cupcake casings and sprinkle "Hundreds & Thousands" on top. •Preheat oven at 150degC and bake for about 12mins until cornflakes turn golden brown.
⚠️ Oven temperature and timing …

Recipe • Nikujaga (Japanese style Pork and Potato stew)

Today, I'm sharing this easy stew Nikujaga(肉じゃが).
As the name suggests, Niku = Meat and Jaga = Potato. This is a Japanese home style pork and potato stew. It can (and should be) cooked beforehand, for the flavors to be absorbed into the ingredients, resulting in a umami-filled stew.
With meat and veggie all in a pot, it's perfect for working mums or on busy days! Just add a stir fried veggie or fried egg if you wish. 😊 

1/2TBS Oil 150-200gm, about 1/2 pkt of frozen Sukiyaki Pork Belly (cut half) 1 yellow Onion (cut into 8-10 wedges) 2 small Carrots (cut into wedges) 1 big russet Potato (cut into 8-10 pieces,soak in water to remove excess starch) 40gm はるさめ Harusame, about 1/2 a pkt (Note 2) Handful of frozen Edamame
Stock: 120ml CP Clear Chicken Broth Concentrate 250ml Water 120ml Dashi stock Seasoning: 1TBS Light Soy Sauce 4TBS Mirin 4TBS Sake 3/4TBS Sugar
Method: •Heat a cooking pot/ deep pan with about 1/2TBS of oil, add in onion wedges & fry till well coated. •Put…