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Recipe • Sesame Oil Chicken

Sesame Oil Chicken is one of my kids' favorite dish, for the gravy is really yummy!
They love to drizzle the gravy over their rice 😋
There are a few versions of this dish but mostly using the same ingredients.
This is MamaBerl's version,
the gravy has a stronger sweet taste & less gingery spice.

Ingredient: 2 Boneless chicken thighs 1/2 Boneless chicken breast 5-6 slices Ginger, julienned 1 clove Garlic, chopped 2-3Tbs Sesame Oil 1tsp Sugar 3/4Tbs Oyster Sauce 1Tbs Huadiao Wine 50-60ml Water Dashes of Dark Soy Sauce
Marinate: 2tsp Sugar 1Tbs Light Soy Sauce 1Tbs Huadiao Wine 2tsp Cornflour
Method: •Cut chicken thighs and chicken breast into nugget size pieces. •Add in marinate and mix well, leave in fridge for at least 3hrs. Remove from fridge about 30mins before cooking. •Heat wok and add 2-3Tbs of sesame oil, add in ginger strips. Fry till fragrant and ginger turn crisp. Add in chopped garlic.
•Pour chicken pieces into wok, stirfry about 2-3mins on med heat. •Add 1tsp sugar an…

Recipe • Brown Sauce Minced Pork With Tofu

Have you encountered the kids telling you that they don't like minced pork because it has a dry and rough texture,hard to chew and start spitting out the meat or rejecting it totally?
There is an important step to making stirfry minced pork smooth! This recipe is very easy to follow & very suitable for young kids! It's really versatile too, you can add diced/chopped veggie, topped over tofu or just served as it is!
Brown Sauce Minced Pork Tofu
Ingredient: 1 block of soft Tofu 80-100gm Minced Pork 2 pieces Baby Corn*, diced 1 clove Garlic, chopped
Marinate: 1tsp Sugar 1/2Tbs Light Soy sauce 1Tbs Huadiao Wine 1/2Tbs Sesame Oil 2tsp Cornflour
Seasoning: 50ml Water (to be added to minced pork) 1/2Tbs Oyster sauce (add more if u pref saltier) 1tsp Kicap Manis (sweeten dark sauce)
More water if required
Method: •Marinate minced pork, mix well. Cover and leave in fridge for at least 3hrs. •Remove pork from fridge about 30mins before cooking. •Remove tofu from package box and rinse. Pl…