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Recipe • Stuffed Tofu Puffs with Laksa fillings

I came up with this recipe, Stuffed Tofu Puffs with Laksa fillings, in conjunction with Prima Taste contest. Never did I expect it to taste like "otah otah (spiced fish paste wrapped in banana leaf) meet Thai fish cake"! It's not spicy like commercial otah otah, so it's suitable for children who are able to eat spice flavored food :) These tofu puffs make good party finger food too, serve these with a lime-chilli dip!

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(Makes 15 pcs)
200gm Minced Pork
120gm Fish Paste
8 medium sized Prawns, deshell and diced
2-3 TBS Chopped Carrot
15 Tau Pok (Tofu Puffs)
A handful of Laksa Leaves, julienned

1 pkt Prima Taste Laksa fried rice sauce
3/4 tsp Sugar
2 TBS Sake
1 TBS Light Soy Sauce
1 TBS Hua Diao Wine
Dashes of Pepper