Tutorial • Mickey Mouse Imprint Egg

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Today's tutorial is inspired by the very magical Mickey Mouse imprint hard boiled egg I had at Tokyo Disneyland last year!
Quite a number of my friends "WoW" at the egg when I posted the photo then. So I tried to replicate it, considered successful until the last part when I peeled the egg shell while it was still hot and broke part of the egg white :/ Please peel the egg after it'd cooled down.
Ok, before it gets too lengthy, let's begin!

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Mickey Mouse Imprint Hardboiled Egg

1 Egg

Ramekin to fit the egg
Mickey Mouse shape cutter OR
2 circle shape cutters (1 bigger than the other)
Small knife

•Make a small opening on the side of the egg shell (NOT the top or bottom!), empty and separate the yolk from the white.
•Peel off the shell to make a bigger opening, pour in egg white to the level of 1/2 the shell.
•Place the egg in a ramekin or dish, steam it for about 8 minutes on medium heat. Check that the egg white hardens.

•Use mickey mouse cutter, press onto the egg white to get the imprint. For readers without mickey mouse cutter, please use 2 circle shape cutters. The bigger size for head and smaller size for ears.
•Use a small knife to scrap out the face shape, DO NOT scrap to the bottom!
•Scoop some egg yolk into the concave part, wrap the egg with cling-wrap and steam it for another 8-9 minutes. Reduce the steaming time if you prefer nitamago/hanjuku ramen egg (hardboiled egg with runny yolk).

•Remove egg from steamer, allow it to cool before peeling the egg shell.

I hope you'll give this tutorial a try.
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☆彡Merry Christmas!


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