Travel • Tokyo Fire Museum (Dec 2017)

We visited Tokyo Fire Museum on the last day of our Airbnb stay. We didn't want to venture too far on this day, as we had more packing up to be done before making our way to Fujiyoshida the next morning.
Tokyo Fire Museum is conveniently located right beside Yotsuya-sanchome Station, which is a 5 minutes train ride from Shinjuku station on Marunouchi line. And...the admission is FREE!!! Haha, sounds like the perfect option for a short day out or just fitting in a program for the kids before we parents bored them with shopping at Shinjuku area!

A hanging French helicopter to welcome you at the main lobby!
This museum consists 5 levels of exhibits and an observatory deck on the 10th storey where visitors can enjoy the view or feed their hungry kids as eating and drinking are strictly prohibited at other levels of the museum.
The staff handed us a museum information guide and recommended that we begin the tour from level 5. There's stamp rally too, so don't forget to look out for the areas where you can find the ink stamps!
The exhibits on level 5 were mainly a showcase of certificates, we briefly walked through this floor. Nothing much. And down we went to level 4 which had exhibits from the Edo/Meiji period. Explanation boards were in Japanese and English, quite informative!

This level started off interesting for the brothers as there were interactive buttons to press here and there, then we saw an exit that led to the helipad with a fire helicopter! More buttons and gears to play with, LOL!
The boys didn't really want to leave the helipad as they thought the exhibits indoor were boring in comparison! After some persuasion, we left and went to the 3rd floor. Lucky we did! Because the 3rd and 2nd floor were so interesting and kids-friendly! There was another helicopter simulator, a cartoon theater, a few mock-up areas to learn more about fire safety, a costume-play area where the children can dress up as firefighters!
The TV plays a cartoon of a fire scenario, together with the small town set up below it, with fire engines that react accordingly as the story unfolds. Very interesting to watch!

Indoor helicopter simulator
3 types of fire fighter uniforms for cosplay! :D

Fire engine mock up which the kids can enter from the back after putting on  the uniform costumes! 
There were also more fire vehicles on display and a digital screen for instant costume change!

:D :D  don't you think these are cute?
We were quite teased by the digital effects!
We spent slightly over an hour at these 2 levels before heading to the basement floor.

Over here, it's just a small section with more photo props and a merchandise counter.

Tokyo Fire Museum
3-10 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 101-8301
9:30am to 5pm (Closed on Monday)
Nearest train station:
Yotsuya-sanchome Station


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