Travel • Phuket June2016 (Part 2.1)

Finally, I decided to write about this overdue Part 2 of our Phuket trip! (hahaa!)
You may read about our awesome first 3 days spent at Novotel Karon, if you haven't.

We check-out of Novotel Karon on the 4th day morning, presuming we could do an early check-in at Novotel Vintage Park. Alas! We were wrong!
We took a 20mins cab to this hotel that's centrally located at Patong and perhaps due to its good location, it was really crowded! There were also groups of tourist booked under travel agencies.
The hotel lobby looked rather old.
Dissapointment # 1.

The staff suggested we go to the kids club,swimming pool or just chill out at the club lounge since we arrived before 10am and no rooms were available. We decided to go to the kids club as the swim wear & stuffs were all in our luggage. Stepping into the kids club, I sank into Disappointment # 2. It really cannot be considered a club, more like a tiny spare room with toys salvaged from dunno where! Robots with broken arms, Play kitchen with missing doors & incomplete utensils, Bowling set with only a few bowling pins! There was absolutely nothing for children 4yrs and older. I regretted not taking photos of this kids club πŸ˜“
You can imagine Lil K's face! He insisted we go to the swimming pool,no way was he gonna spend 2hrs waiting in that room!

So, we went to get the swimming necessities from our luggage. And ordered lunch at the swim-up bar.
Consolation part: Fish & Chips was good! Swimming pool was huge!

Finally, our room was ready after a couple of hours. Yayy!
But it wasn't that awesome upon entering the room. Disappointment # 3.

The room looked tired and dated. Furnishing were pretty old too. The safe box was locked and we couldn't use it, we had to wait for the staff & technician to unlock it which took quite a long time to fix.

That evening, we took a walk towards Jung Ceylon mall which was abt 10-12mins away. Patong became lively as the sun sets. Passed by an air rifle game stall and knew Lil K would be more than happy to try!

Total 15 shots. Lil K managed to hit 13 shots into the target, 1 missed & 1 was a demo shot by Daddy. Great attempt for a first timer!

We didn't spend much time in the hotel during the 3-night stay.
The swimming pool was really crowded even though it's huge. We'd go for the buffet breakfast, an hour or so at the quieter side of the pool. After that we'll freshen up and head out for lunch.
I wasn't impressed with the buffet selection. Lil k suggested I draw a happy face on the pancake to make the breakfast plate look nicer! :D

On the 2nd last day of our stay, the very nice hubby told me to go for the in-house spa.
Had a rejuvenating 90mins Thai massage. Having had all the tight knots relieved, I felt much lighter!

Had a rejuvenating 95mins Thai massage. Having had all the tight knots relieved, I felt much lighter!

The next post will be about the food we had during these 3 days! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Thanks for reading!


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