Recipe • Seaweed Chicken

There are some mornings whereby I'll prepare & fry up "home made frozen food" while both the boys are in school. These are commonly known as 常備菜 & are my time saver! I can easily reheat in the oven/airfryer for school lunchbox or after-school lunch or as add-ons to dinner side dish!

I'm sharing the recipe for Seaweed Chicken which is Lil K's top favorite!

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Ingredients (Yields 18-20pcs)
1 Chicken Breast (Boneless,Skinless)
Nori sheet (Sushi seaweed)

1tsp Sugar
4tsp Light Soy Sauce
1.5TBS Mirin
1TBS Sake
1TBS Cornflour

•Wash & dab dry chicken breast.
•Cut chicken breast into strips of 2cm by 4cm.
•Marinate chicken with seasoning, set aside for about 45mins. (Or leave in fridge for a few hours)
•Cut nori sheet into strips of 1.5cm by 4cm & roll nori strip around each slice of chicken. The nori strip will soften & stick onto chicken.
•Heat a pan with some oil, shallow fry the seaweed chicken til brown & cooked.

•Store the chicken pieces in an airtight container/ziplock bag after cooled. These can be kept in freezer for up to 2 weeks. To consume, reheat in oven/airfryer.

Homemade Seaweed Chicken & Soba was Lil K's favourite since 2012!


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