Travel • Sea Life Park (Tokyo Nov 2016)

We took the red-eye flight & arrived at Narita International Airport approx 7:30am. Took the Airport Limousine bus to Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay and as expected, the room would only be available after 3pm.

So, 2 sleep deprived parents,with 2 boys who were equally sleep deprived but still ever energetic,had to endure about 4hrs of waiting time.
Sure, we could have gone shopping nearby but it's not my style to do retail therapy & bored my boys to sleep.
Always remember, bored + tired kids = uncooperative kids!
Luckily mama already had it planned!
Tokyo Sea Life Park would be perfect! Just 1 station away from Maihama & good enough for a 2hrs visit, best part was the kids enter free! So even if it wasn't impressive enough, the pinch would be lighter too!
But hang on, it was a really good & beautiful aquarium! Totally worth paying ¥700/adult!

Look for the ferris wheel and this bridge after exiting the train station, it's an 8mins walk with quite a scenic view. The husband who's usually blind to scenery commented, "Wow, very nice view here!"
Buy tickets at the counter and go to the table at the right side for stamp rally if you are keen. That's basically just collecting ink stamp prints of the marine species. Lil K & Mini K got excited over this!

There's a connecting park after a stretch of stairs at the entrance, I think it'll be an awesome sight for hanami (sakura viewing)! We didn't walk through the park though because it was so windy & cold!

There were a good variety of live fish and they were classified into different zones.
And there was a "Touch and Feel" area, with various timings and under the supervision of their staff.

You'll find a table with tags laid out, choose the time you prefer and take the tags from the respective baskets. Do note that participation is 1 tag per person, adults & children included!
We chose the 2pm time slot and went for a quick light lunch. There's only 1 cafeteria.

We ordered udon for Mini K and I was surprised it tasted decently good!
Then the husband told me it was prepack instant soup. Haha, I guess Japanese really do tasty instant & frozen food. The chicken karaage was so good, Lil K went to ordered another serving!

We head for the "Touch and Feel" experience after lunch. Explanation were in Japanese language (of course!), the boys didn't understand a single word but that didn't bother them. They only wanted to touch the fish! Each session is about 20mins, with only 3-5mins of hands-on depending on the group size.

We continued with another quick tour of the aquarium and proceeded back to our hotel. If you are staying in one of the hotels within Disney Resort, do make a visit to Tokyo Sea Life Park. Take the resort monorail from Bayside station to Resort Gateway station, walk over to JR Maihama station and take the train at platform 2 (Keiyo Line) to Kasai Rinkai Koen station.

Opens: 9:30am - 5pm (closed on Wed, except public holiday)
Ticket: ¥700/adult. Free for children below 12yrs
Nearest station: JR Kasai Rinkai Koen station
Address: Tokyo Sea Life Park, 
6-2-3, Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku,
Tokyo 134-8587, Japan


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