Travel • Shiro-Hige Cream Puff Shop (Dec 2017)

This is a quick post of our visit to Shiro-hige Cream Puff Shop last December, which is also known as Totoro Cream Puff shop.
There was some construction along the way from Setagaya-Daita station then. However, you won't miss this TOLO signboard.
While we were not the biggest fan of this character from Studio Ghibli's animation, we still put it in our itinerary simply because "we were already in Tokyo and we missed it on our previous Tokyo trip!" (*_*)
FOMO? Whatever. Anyway I booked us a visit to Suntory Brewery (⬅Click to read more) that afternoon, since the route was pretty straight forward from the cream puff shop, I decided to put these two on the same day.

Ain't they adorable?
It was well worth a trip to this tiny bakery, unlike some character cafes which served gimmicky food, these cream puffs were big and delicious!
We bought their regular flavors:
Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla custard

(Or was it Chocolate, Green Tea & Vanilla?)

It was Christmas season and there were limited edition cookies like this one...
Which according to Lil K, was really nice! He went back in to buy another pack and finished all on the spot!
We walked back to the station after getting our cream puffs and I highly recommend having lunch at this small cosy restaurant! It was a really small eatery, barely seats 10 customers :D
It  was on the left side of the station's North exit!

The shop front!
The hubby's stir fried ginger pork set
Daikon Chicken Stew I shared with Mini K,
I fell in love with koya tofu (freeze-dried beancurd) after eating it in this dish!
Yasai Udon for Lil K
There were a few daily specials on their menu, mostly homestyle Japanese dishes. They also served homemade bread with soup!

Shiro-Hige Cream Puff Shop
10:30am to 7pm (Closed on Tue & P/Holidays)
Nearest Station:
Setagaya-Daita station, 3 minutes walk from North exit of the station


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